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Before The War, Band of Brothers, and Flags of Our Fathers, the fathers of America’s G.I. Joes were sent off to fight in another, first, world war – and the individual bravery, suffering, and tragedy that marked the efforts of one such group of soldiers in the Great War is vividly and poignantly brought to life in James Carl Nelson’s The Remains of Company D: A Story of the Great War.

The missing tome in a Doughboy canon that has tended to focus on commanders and sweeping overviews of the American war effort Over There, The Remains of Company D is a timely and intimate look at the progenitors of the so-called “Greatest Generation,” and focuses on the collective experience of one small group of soldiers -- farmers’ sons, immigrants, and small-town boys -- that was in the front waves in four of the signature battles of the war: the first American assault at Cantigny, the bloody “turning of the tide” at Soissons, the relative cakewalk at St. Mihiel, and the wooded and bloody slugfest of the Meuse-Argonne.

The first small-unit account of the Great War since William March’s 1931 semi-fictional Company K, and inspired by an ancestor’s small tale of severe wounding at and deliverance from a battlefield near Soissons in July, 1918, The Remains of Company D tells the larger story of the hard-fighting Company D, 28th Infantry Regiment, U. S. First Division, and in its entirety comprises a perfect microcosm of the American war effort, and of the price the late-arriving Americans paid in blood and broken lives for Allied victory.

Hailed as “one of the very best books of its kind,” “absorbing,” and “an excellent work of scholarship that makes a serious contribution to the field of military history and American social history” by Dr. Douglas V. Johnson II, author of the acclaimed Soissons: 1918; and as a “poignant personal and historical journey into the hell the American Doughboy faced on the Western Front” by James H. Hallas, author of Doughboy War, The Remains of Company D adds a significant, human, and compelling chapter to the story of America’s involvement in the First World War.

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